Why Us

Veraxe is not just about an immense collection of education institute related data turned into an internet directory. We designed Veraxe with a complete end-user perspective about the nightmare that is school hunting for children today. Veraxe aims to create a smarter education industry where knowledge is easily accessible to whoever seeks.

Our educational institute-related information has been sourced from bonafide physical resources, with an authentic point of contact on one end and is not just ambiguous information on the web! Furthermore, we are also designing state-of-the-art school management software and ERP solutions for school administrations to help them with manual formalities and make the lines of communication between stakeholders easier and faster.

Veraxe is the only platform in India with such detailed information about schools based on locations, levels and special features along with customizable software products for optimizing school operations. Our mission is simple; make India smarter by making its schools smarter!