About Us

Veraxe is India’s largest and one-of-a-kind online school directory platform with responsive and flexible operations. Parents can easily locate the best of private and public schools around their locality, get in-depth details about them, read reviews, and even communicate with representatives from these schools about the procedures for getting their kids enrolled. Complete information about every school, regardless of the level is available on Veraxe as it aims to be the most reliable school directory platform as well as the provider of choice for school management software and school ERP.

Education is the element that separates us from other beings on this planet. But we often misunderstand the real meaning of education! A degree is the certification of mastery on a few particular skills or even a subject. But schools are the place where we must get educated holistically for growing up to be the ideal human specimen, (if that is possible within the finite)! So, selecting schools for the overall development of a child other than just the cognitive aspects, along with their emotional intelligence growth, and intrinsic development of their personalities is a daunting task for most parents. And it is fair to be so.

If one wishes to embark on a more detailed search about schools with specific features or get up close about the location details, the platform offers Map assistance for full-view on both mobile devices as well as on desktops.

Moreover, for easier access we have segregated educational institutes in terms of levels starting right at the beginning with Playschools & Preschools, going all the way up to high schools and senior secondary schools.

The philosophy that Veraxe operates on is that schools will create the experiences that actually make a person. We are all what we are because of our own schooling be it at home or in our alma maters. So, we have collected immense volumes of information which is impossible for humans to gather without algorithmic intervention, to make the task of choosing a school for your child easy and fulfilling.

We also offer IT-enabled smart tools for school management with software and ERP, for the administration of schools to reduce their pressure of repetitive manual tasks through technology and help to make communications easier between the school, its teacher and the parents.

Here’s to smarter education for today’s children so that we may have the right knowledge for the future that tomorrow holds!