School Management Software

Leveraging technology to accomplish school activities is School Automation. School Management Software can be defined as all-in-one school management softwares designed to simplify process of academic management. They are suitable for any kind of school administration and management activities. Automation is necessary to provide efficient and reliable school management. Veraxe is a leading school management software which is SAAS based.

Features of Veraxe School Management Software

  • Student data

All the information related to the students from attendance, homework, grades, events, timetable, notification, transport, fees is covered under this. Along with this the basic information, medical details and documents can be stored and accessed via School Automation Software.

  • Parents Access

Parents can get data related to their child and get updates related to all the school activities through mobile apps and access to parent web portals. This helps parents to be regularly updated with their child’s acitivities, directly inform parents about grades and progress reports and better communication between parents and teachers.

  • Teacher’s Application

A well designed teacher’s application helps in easily tracking the activities related to students. A teacher can upload the class schedules and other events and they can be therefore easily accessed under teacher’s module. Teachers can discuss the progress of a child with his/her parents through this platform. Teacher can take attendance, assign home work, and upload events through his /her panel.

  • Communication System

Effective communication between student, parents and teachers in real time helps in effective functioning of any educational institution. It also helps in saving time as making phone calls or leaving messages or sending circulars is time consuming and ineffective. Various templates under this system helps in regularly reminding parents about important events and dates.

  • Attendance Management

Automation helps in smart attendance management. It helps in recording attendance easily and precisely. Making attendance is just a click away through this system. Parents can also check and be regularly updated with the attendance of their child.

  • Online Payment and Fee Tracking

Managing record of payment of fees and other bills is difficult without an effective software.

Modules of School Automation Softwares

  • Multiple School Integration

Management of all the branches of a school can be managed at one place.

  • Admission Management

It manages the registration process of new as well as old students. Activities from registration to admission and section allocation are covered under this module.

  • Staff Management

This includes adding new staff, managing the staff activities, allocation of subjects and class etc.

  • Fees Management

Creation of fees, discounts, refunds, payments and timely reports is covered under this module.

  • Hostel Management

Management of hostels, hostelblocks, hostel students, mess and warden.

  • Transport Management

Manage school vehicles and transport staffs.Manage routes, bus stops and route allocations.

  • Assignment Management

Create assignment for students and updating details related to correction on the portal.

  • Attendance Management

Maintain and manage student as well as staff attendance.

  • Event Management

Creation of events as per the academic calendar.


  • Students get more time to interact with teachers as teachers are free from administrative burden.
  • Lower work load on teachers increases their focus on students.
  • Teachers and students can work on various extra-curricular activities together.
  • Students can easily get online notifications about exam schedules.
  • SMS alert system keeps the students in touch with the entire school network.
  • In case of emergencies, students can be sent holiday notices via online managing system.
  • Students can check their academic status anytime they want to.