It is rightly said that,

“There is no elevator to success, you have to take the stairs of the school”

But then the question arises, which school should I send my child to? On what basis should I select the play schools in Gurgaon? Totally perplexed as to how to go about it? Each time that you make up your mind, you again tend to chop and change? Well then, here is a solution to your indecisiveness. Just sit back and fasten up your seat belts as will take you on a ride through the various factors that you need to consider while choosing a school for your child! Here we go!

The first step to choosing a school for your child is the information gathering phase. Thinking of what this actually means? Well then, you just need to figure out some important information about the schools which you have heard on the grapevine are good enough to suit your child. You could visit the school’s website or simply make use of and gather all the efficient information and fill your kitty with it! You might also have to make a few phone calls. What would act like a cherry on the cake would be paying a visit to these schools!

Now having collected all the relevant information about the schools, you need to shortlist a few of them quickly based on the information that you have gathered. These factors could be the location of the school (if you wish to send the child to a nearby school only, then this could play a major role), or the curriculum of the school, like does the school have a strong academic background? Does the school offer your child an access to foreign languages? Are there a multitude of extracurricular activities in school? Or probably another factor that can cast a great affect on you is what board the school follows like CBSE, ICSE,  State Board etc. So, of course you need to take these factors into consideration!

What’s the next stop in the ride? Well, the next stop is that you need to consider the safety policies of the school as well. Does the school that you have short-listed takes care of the security of the students and offer school mobile app? If it does, probably that’ll make you completely free of worries then! A well-stocked library, a sick room with a 24*7 doctor for help, well-equipped labs with well monitored internet are some of the basic facilities that we should look out for.

Having known so much about the procedure of how to choose a school, I’m sure you must be having the ants in your pants to quickly enroll your child in the best school. But do watch out the admission procedures and dates of admissions so that you don’t skip any deadlines. For any further information, stay tuned to the one and only website, which will act as a storehouse for all the information that you need!